New Build Decorating Contractor Glasgow


King –  The New Build Painting Contractor You Can Rely On

Quality, Delivering to Programme and Competitive Rates are the three most important things to our clients, we know this and work every day to ensure this is what we deliver. Our team of new build painters and decorators are successfully working with most of Scotlands leading house builders and main contractors. Our vision for the future is to become the market leading new construction painting contractor known for the quality of its service. We look past the here and now to engage and build long standing relationships and will do this by consistently delivering exceptional customer service and quality at a reasonable price.

King Values

Our Core Values

  • Passionate about our business and the service we provide
  • Consistent quality across all our sites through our ISO9001 QA/QC process
  • Forging long lasting relationships with our clients
  • Customer satisfaction measured through surveys before, during and after
  • Professionalism that is apparent from first contact.